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ODW – Ergonomics: Reducing Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders In Cardiac and Vascular Ultrasound

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Original Broadcast Date: April 28, 2022

NOTE: The webcast you are viewing is from a previously recorded live event. Audience Q&A, polls, and other interactive content contained herein are also captured from the live event.

Participants who already earned credit for the 4/28 live webinar event are not eligible for credit through this self-instructional webcast activity.


  • 1.00 - SDMS CME

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DeeAnn Ripplinger
6/9/22 1:40 pm

very informative

Cynthia Richard
6/9/22 2:26 pm

I would definitely be interested in follow up info on WRMSD for my department.

Ernest Volk
6/9/22 4:52 pm

Well done:)

Alaa Shawn
6/9/22 5:48 pm


Alaa Shawn
6/9/22 5:49 pm

Very informative

chasity peters
6/9/22 6:50 pm


jashlyn Modi
6/9/22 7:36 pm

very informative. thank you

Tiffany Moo-Sang
6/10/22 8:54 am

Great video! Very informative.

laura kline
6/10/22 10:00 am

I scan with my right hand but with the patients' feet at the machines end. So I'm sure that the same points apply?

Janet Keller
6/10/22 10:25 am


Janet Keller
6/10/22 10:26 am

Very informative

jeffrey nezowitz
6/10/22 10:31 am

thanks for the information. We need to think about how to keep ourselves up to the task of doing our jobs.

Jason Jones
6/10/22 1:52 pm

Informative and very necessary, thank you. Also can you contact my manager and ask her to get me a new chair! LoL!

Wanda Powe
6/10/22 3:22 pm

I found this webinar very helpful. I enjoyed all the exercise tips that were given.

Marzena Kinel
6/10/22 3:25 pm

Very important information that all sonographers should know. Thank you for sharing and educating

Carissa Hust
6/10/22 3:55 pm


Aimee Park
6/10/22 4:25 pm

I do not see a way to answer the question about ergonomics course in the future

Sarah Williams
6/13/22 1:45 pm

Very informative

Jessica Barbour
6/13/22 3:40 pm

Great tips on stretching between exams!

Nidal Cable
6/13/22 11:04 pm

I was not able to see the question about future ergonomic course and if I recommend or not. So I couldn’t answer that question!!

Audrey jones
6/14/22 12:04 pm

This was very informative and would be interested in follow up info on WRMSD

Rebecca Ruehle
6/14/22 3:15 pm

This was great. thank you.

Jamie Kloosterman
6/14/22 3:31 pm


Carolyn Kuczek
6/14/22 3:34 pm

This seminar was so good! Informative and specific. What a great outline. Thank you.

Jayne Rixen
6/15/22 12:29 pm

Excellent presentation.

Ning Qi
6/15/22 1:53 pm

Like the content and will do suggested body movements, starting now.

Rosetta Hall
6/15/22 2:17 pm


Rebekah Easler
6/15/22 3:25 pm

Very good information! Thank you!

Peter Dzialo
6/15/22 6:46 pm

There is supposed to be a test/evaluation post review of this webinar up until 12/31/22. how do i get to this I see no area to click on to get to the survey. can you help? or 847-826-8449 text or phone call

paul shadrach
6/16/22 6:08 pm

Thanks for the useful info!

Pamela Guiney
6/19/22 12:24 pm

This was a great presentation. Thank you for making it available via On Demand Webcasts!

Elizabeth Hyslop
6/21/22 5:31 pm

Very informative. Great job :)

Dorothy Crowell
6/24/22 11:08 am

great information. Thank you

elizabeth lauerman
6/24/22 11:39 am

very informative

jessica reed
6/24/22 2:19 pm


Stacy Sterner
6/25/22 7:43 am


Susan Sweet
6/28/22 12:04 pm

Thank you, love the excerises/stretching recommendations

Avichai Eres
6/28/22 3:01 pm

I was impressed with the webcasts and the knowledge put into it to ensure our sonographers are conducting the exams properly and how the office can prevent injuries by having the ergonomic equipment.

Allison Rohn
6/30/22 8:11 am


Jamie Figiel
6/30/22 9:18 am

Well presented - exercises good thing to include